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Tree Debris Removal Portland, Oregon

How Much Does It Cost to Have My Tree Branches Hauled off?

You might be surprised at how affordable tree debris removal cost.   In term of cost, one of the great things about tree debris removal is that the material is organic and dump fees are about half of what junk dump fees are.

How do You Price Tree Debris Removal in Portland?

Tree Debris Removal Cost is Broken down into three Groups

Tree Limb Removal Cost

  •  $20 to $35 per Cubic Yard ($80 minimum Charge)

Tree wood round Hauling Cost

  •  $30 to $80 per Cubic Yard ($80 Minimum Charge)

Tree Stump Haul Away Cost

  • $60 to $250 ($80 minimum Charge)

What Factors Determine The Price Difference?

All tree debris removal costs will be affected by

  • The ease of getting the debris in the trailer

Tree debris sitting on the curb is going to be cheaper than in the back yard.

  • Tree debris volume

If i pick up only a little bit of debris then it will be significantly more expensive per cubic yard then if I pick up a whole trailer load.

If you have a friend that also needs tree debris removed then it would be wise to orchestrate both hauls back to back because it would likely save a significant amount of money. We also offer yard debris removal and concrete removal so it makes sense to hire us to get rid of all your yard debris at the same time.

Tree Wood Round Hauling Factors

  • Older rotten tree rounds can be significantly lighter and can cost significantly less to get rid of.

Tree stump Removal

  • Tree stumps less than 18″ are less expensive to haul.

Common Tree Removal Questions

I have a fallen tree on the ground, can you cut it up and haul it off?

Maybe, we are limited to smaller trees.  Send a picture and I can advise you on it.

What is the cheapest way to get rid of a tree?

You could have an Arborists come in and take care of everything but that is definitely not the cheapest way.  Arborist can be very spendy.  Here are steps to get rid of a tree for significantly less money.

  • First have a reputable and insured Arborist take the tree down and cut the wood into firewood sized rounds.
  • Next step will be to get rid of the firewood rounds
    • Tree rounds can be very expensive to haul and they are in high demand.  All you have to do is post “free firewood rounds” on Craigslist, Facebook Market Place, or Offer up, and all of the good firewood rounds will be taken, very fast.  In fact sometimes people will pay for good wood rounds.
  • Finally, have Ernie’s Wagon perform the cleanup.
    • We can come in and do a full cleanup which includes blowing the needles and / or leaves or we can just take the tree debris.

What do you do with the Tree Debris?

With all of our tree removal services in Portland, We recycle all of our yard debris.  Most of our debris goes to Metro Transfer Station.

How are your tree removal prices compared to other Portland tree removal companies?

All of the big junk removal companies charge by the amount of space it takes up in there little dump trucks.  The big guys will typically charge about $700 to fill up their little (about 15 yard) trucks.  Surprisingly they are the most expensive option, especially for tree branch removal.  We adjust the price for tree branch removal because it is less expensive to dump.  We can be as much as a third the price as the big junk removal guys.

How do I get rid of the tree branches for free in Portland?

Unfortunately I don’t know of a service that will come out and take your tree branches for free but there are some things you can do.

  • First is put the tree branches in your recycling bin every week until it is gone.
  • The other option is to burn the branches but be sure to check online for burn bans in your area.

Do you take tree debris that have bugs in them?

Yes its no problem and no extra charges.

Tree Debris Removal Pricing

tree limb hauling

In The Driveway • $250

As you can see these tree limbs are in the driveway and are ready to go, which makes it cheaper.  The pile is bigger than it looks, it was about 10 cubic yards of limbs that needed to be hauled.  I charged $250 for this load, which is $25 per cubic yard.

tree debris removal cost example

In the Driveway • $300

This pile of branches was also much bigger than it looks. It was about 12 cubic yards of yards of debris but it was on his driveway which made it cheaper to haul away. I charged $250 for this, which is $25 per cubic yard.

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