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Oversized and heavy hot tubs are the last thing you should try to remove alone! Our quick and cheap hot tub disposal service is here to liberate your patio, backyard, or garage from an outdated, unwanted, or broken hot tub system. We arrive with a spacious hauling truck, friendly attitudes, and will gladly get that bulky and clunky hot tub out of sight in less time! 

Home to the most eco-friendly junk removal services in Hillsboro, OR, our hot tub removals come with a side of earth-conscious care. We prioritize hot tub recycling and donation whenever possible, and have partnered with local charities and recycling centers in Hillsboro to minimize our landfill use with every haul. Save your back, protect your wallet, and turn your junk into someone else’s good fortune with our affordable pickup services!

While Freeing Up Essential Space at Home With Our Convenient Hot Tub Removal Services, You Can Always Expect:

The Most Affordable Appliance Disposal in Town

Convenient & Flexible Scheduling in Many Locations

Fast, Friendly & Professional Service

Adaptable Hauling Services for Diverse Pickup Needs

Locally Owned & Supervised by Ernie the Trusty Golden Retriever

Ernie’s Wagon Offers Three Options for Junk Removal:

No Appointment

Appointment Pick Up

Option 1:
Curbside Pick Up

You choose the day, we choose the time.
Save $20
Only available for smaller pick ups.

Option 2:
Easy Load

The most affordable appointment option.
Place all your junk in the driveway, garage or curbside and enjoy the savings.

Option 3:
Full Service

Let us carry all your junk to our truck.

Hot Tub Disposal Made Easy & Convenient

Our comprehensive hot tub removal services are available for quick curbside pickups and full-service removals. Even if you think you can manage the heavy and awkward lift alone, we always recommend the full-service hot tub disposal to protect yourself and your property from injury or accidental damage. We utilize safety gear to protect our backs, have years of cautious hauling expertise, and simplify every pickup with an easy-load trailer that minimizes the complications that come with oversized removals. 

While we’re there for the hot tub removal, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance with any other junk-related chores like a garage clean out, appliance haul, or fence removal in Hillsboro, OR. Our spacious trailer makes it easy to manage hoarder-sized collections in a single visit, and our well-prepared team backs every pickup with: 

Hot tub haul-out in Hillsboro, OR

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After experiencing our friendly, affordable, and efficient service, we hope to earn your trust for every junk removal project now and in the future. We’ll do whatever we can to work around your schedule, and are more than happy to adjust our services to suit your needs.

Ready To Get Rid of Your Hot Tub?

Having a hot tub can be an enjoyable experience and a great way to relax after a long day. But what happens when the time comes to remove them? You may think that you can tackle the job yourself, but in reality, it can be a real pain!

Many people overlook the benefits of having their hot tub removed by a junk removal company. As stated previously, hot tubs can be quite difficult to remove on your own. If done incorrectly, it can result in costly repairs to your property or even more serious consequences. Using a local professional hot tub removal service is the safest and most efficient way to get rid of an old hot tub. Not only do they have the right tools and equipment, but they also know exactly how to dispose of it properly.

Ernie’s Wagon is a family-owned and operated junk pick-up company in Hillsboro, OR that offers hot tub removal services. If the bulky hot tub on your property has become an eyesore, we can help you!

To get more details about our hot tub removal service, you can call us at (503) 702-4430.

Cheap, quick, and friendly service is what it’s all about at Ernie’s Wagon! Tell us about your oversized messes, bulky paperweights, or get in touch with our pros for other special projects like a judgment-free hoarder clean out yard debris service, or a comprehensive deck removal in Hillsboro, OR. However we can set your property free from the clutter, organized care, transparent pricing, and respect for your property is our promise. 

If you have any questions about our affordable hot tub recycling services in Hillsboro, get in touch with Ernie and the team for a free estimate and prompt service today. 

Option 1: No Appointment
Curbside Pick up

How Does Curbside Pick up work?

Curbside pickup is very simple.  All you have to do is put the item/s anywhere outside where it is accessible and we will pick it up on the day of your choosing.  Please have the item/s outside by 9 am.  Curbside pick up does not come with an appointment.

When do I Pay for it?

On the day of pick up, I will text you a picture of your item/s in my trailer and ask for payment.  Please make sure to make your payment by midnight that day.

How do I Pay for it?

We take Venmo

You can also pay with hidden cash.  With the hidden cash, simply find a good place to hide the cash (like under the door mat, under a flower pot etc) and inform us of its location.

How do I place a Pick up?

To start Curbside pick up all you have to do is text the following to phone number (503) 702-4430:

  • The Area you live in
  • What you want to get rid of (pictures are recommended)
  • The desired day of pick up

All arrangements and communication will be performed using this phone number.

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