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How Much Does It Cost to Have Broken Concrete Hauled off?

In the yard debris category concrete removal is the most difficult. If you have a significant amount of concrete to haul and all you have is a truck, be prepared to take a ton of trips. To get rid of a sizeable amount of concrete, heavy duty tools and equipment is key to concrete removal.

How Much Does Concrete Removal Cost in Portland?

When Concrete is in a pile we price it by Cubic Yard.

When hauling at least 4 cubic yards of concrete away, concrete removal normally costs between $120 and $300 per cubic yard but it can get significantly more expensive per cubic yard when the pile is very small or when it is very labor intensive to transport to my trailer.  A cubic yard is about 50 square feet of flat concrete surface area, but can vary depending on the thickness.  Note, one cubic yard is approximately the size of a clothes washing machine.

When a Concrete slab, walkway, driveway is broken up but still laying on the ground and has not been moved, then I price it by the square foot.

When hauling at least 200 square feet of concrete it normally costs between $3.50 to $5.00 per square foot but can be significantly more per square foot for small amounts or when it is very labor intensive to get the material to my trailer.

What Factors Determine Concrete Removal Costs?

The First Factor is the location of the concrete

  • Concrete sitting on the curb is going to be cheaper than in the back yard.

The Second Factor is the pathway to the trailer

  • Concrete is not like other light yard debris where the pathway isn’t that big of a deal.  Transporting concrete with just a wheel barrow is not ideal.  At the very least concrete should be moved with an electric or gas cart.  If there is a lot of concrete and there is enough room for a small skid steer then we can get rid of the concrete for less.

The Third Factor is whether there is rebar in the concrete

  • If you separate the rebar from the concrete it will save you money.

The Fourth Factor is the size of the Concrete Rubble

  • The size of the concrete should be manageable.  We prefer concrete pieces that are 60 lbs or less but as long as the pieces are less than 80 lbs then it doesn’t cost any more.  Pieces significantly over 80 lbs can cost significantly more.

The Last Factor is volume

  • A very large pile of concrete is going to be cheaper per cubic yard than a small pile.


Common Questions About Concrete Removal in Portland

Is Asbestos a Concern in Concrete?

Asbestos is common in some concrete but it is not known to be in driveways and walkways.

What is the cheapest way to get rid of Concrete?

If you want to save the most amount of money as possible then place all of the concrete in a location where I can back my big truck and trailer up to it and load it.

What do you do with the Concrete Rubble?

All concrete gets recycled. Most of my concrete goes to Hillsboro landfill, where it is crushed and reused.

How are your Prices Compared to other Portland Concrete Hauling Companies?

The only guys in Portland that can haul concrete for less than me is the big commercial guys that have all the heavy equipment to haul large amounts of concrete.  These guys are only cheaper than me by the cubic yard for very large commercial jobs.  The problem with the big outfits is they are only setup for big jobs and access can be an issue if the job is in the back yard.  They typically will not come out for less than several thousand dollars.

For job that are not huge commercial jobs your options are other concrete companies or junk haulers.  Other concrete companies are used to making a very good rate per hour and they typically don’t want to mess with small jobs.

The last option is junk haulers.  Most Portland junk hauling companies are not well setup to handle and haul heavy items like concrete and charge way to much.  At Ernie’s Wagon we are specifically setup for landscape hardscape removal such as concrete, wood, rocks, sod, etc. We also offer yard debris removal and tree debris removal so it makes sense to hire us to get rid of all your junk at the same time.

Example Concrete Removal Pricing

box spring and mattress on curb

This pile was even bigger than it looks in the picture. There was about 9 cubic yards of concrete. The pathway was easy so I gave him a good deal. I only charged $900 because it was winter. The customer said I was the cheapest price he could find and he stated one junk hauling company quoted him about $2,400.


picture of a pile of junk on driveway

This job was nice because I could pull right up to it, which helps reduce the price significantly. It was a decent sized load about 3 1/3 cubic yards. I only charged $550 to haul this concrete rubble.


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