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Same Day Junk Pickup in Forest Grove, OR

Leave the heavy lifting up to our helpful junk hauling experts in Forest Grove, OR! We care about protecting your back and your budget, and instead of dealing with hefty old furniture or back-breaking appliances alone, our affordable pricing and rapid assistance make it easy to manage the junk and free up the space in your home, yard, or garage with ease.

With completely adaptable junk pickup services available, we work with every client on a personal basis to make the hauling process as stress-free as possible. We offer no-appointment curbside pickups for easy removals while you’re at work or away from home, and provide comprehensive hauling appointments for those tricky-to-move items or extensive clean-up projects. Whatever awkward items or mess you need a hand (or paw) with, Ernie (the best dog in the world!) and the rest of the team will do whatever it takes to help you declutter, reclaim your space, and respect your budget with very friendly service.

With Our Junk Removal Services in Forest Grove, OR, You Can Always Expect:

Careful & Organized Decluttering Assistance​

Large Item Hauling Capabilities
Flexible Service Around Your Schedule
Personable & Courteous Team Members

Ernie’s Wagon Offers Three Options for Junk Removal:

No Appointment

Appointment Pick Up

Option 1:
Curbside Pick Up

You choose the day, we choose the time.
Save $20
Only available for smaller pick ups.

Option 2:
Easy Load

The most affordable appointment option.
Place all your junk in the driveway, garage or curbside and enjoy the savings.

Option 3:
Full Service

Let us carry all your junk to our truck.

Community-Focused Junk Disposal in Forest Grove, OR

Feel good about scheduling a junk pickup or hiring professional junk haulers with Ernie’s Wagon because we’re committed to doing whatever we can throughout the entire junk removal process. Even though responsibly disposing of junk isn’t the cheapest means of disposal, we take those additional expenses upon ourselves and still promise the lowest prices possible.

By actively working to make a difference, we hope to establish long-term relationships with our clients and give them something to feel good about when trusting our team to manage the mess. By transforming trash into treasure, supporting our community, and by providing a valuable service at fair and accessible prices, we’re on a mission to improve Forest Grove, OR with the very fast and friendly junk pickup we provide.

  • Donate it to charity 
  • Pass it down to family/friends
  • Sell it at a yard sale
  • Leave items of value on the curb
  • & More

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From a quick-and-easy junk pickup in Beaverton, OR, to a comprehensive garage detox and junk hauling in Forest Grove, OR, simply send us a few of your pickup details and we’ll handle the rest! If you have any questions about our services, and prices, or want to learn more about our community-first business model, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about our junk haulers!

Junk Removal Services We Offer

We are a dependable junk removal company in Forest Grove, OR. Let us help you clear the mess in your home and free up space in your garage, basement, and yard. Our junk removal services include the following:

How Do I Get Cheap Junk Removal in Forest Grove, OR

Here are a few pointers for how to get cheap junk removal in Forest Grove, OR:

  • The closer you can get your junk to the junk hauling truck the less a junk hauler will charge.
  • Compact your garbage. For example, if you have just completed moving and you have a bunch of moving junk then compact the empty boxes and make sure each box is all the way full.
  • Sort your recycling junk. Recycling can usually be disposed of for free and we would definitely take that into consideration when pricing the junk removal job. Sorting your junk helps us spend less time when recycling.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to the challenge of junk removal, you may assume that this is a task you can handle alone. But once you start, you’ll notice how challenging and draining the task can get. This is especially common when you have a lot of junk to get rid of. That will be too much work for one person. Earnie’s Wagon is here to handle that task for you. We take pride in serving our community while protecting the environment.

We have experience and an unmatched level of professionalism you can trust. That’s what sets us apart from Forest Grove, OR, and the surrounding areas. Leave the heavy lifting to us. Whether you need garage or estate cleanouts, or recycling pick-ups, you can count on us to do the job.

Contact Us About Junk Removal

Our company provides same-day junk removal services to save you time. You can also make an appointment for curbside pickup. Contact us today for more information on package options.

More Information About Our Junk Removal Services

How Much Does Junk Removal in Forest Grove, OR Cost?

Free Junk Removal in Forest Grove, OR

It’s doubtful that someone will come along to remove your junk for free. But let’s suppose you decided junk removal is just too expensive and you decided to do it yourself. We decided to share our cheat sheet for the best places DIY junk disposal in the Forest Grove, OR area.

The best place to get rid of your stuff is always a place where it doesn’t go to the landfill. Goodwill is a great place!

The Salvation Army is another good choice.  They are the only ones that will take the big items like furniture.

Option 1: No Appointment
Curbside Pick up

How Does Curbside Pick up work?

Curbside pickup is very simple.  All you have to do is put the item/s anywhere outside where it is accessible and we will pick it up on the day of your choosing.  Please have the item/s outside by 9 am.  Curbside pick up does not come with an appointment.

When do I Pay for it?

On the day of pick up, I will text you a picture of your item/s in my trailer and ask for payment.  Please make sure to make your payment by midnight that day.

How do I Pay for it?

We take Venmo

You can also pay with hidden cash.  With the hidden cash, simply find a good place to hide the cash (like under the door mat, under a flower pot etc) and inform us of its location.

How do I place a Pick up?

To start Curbside pick up all you have to do is text the following to phone number (503) 702-4430:

  • The Area you live in
  • What you want to get rid of (pictures are recommended)
  • The desired day of pick up

All arrangements and communication will be performed using this phone number.

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