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Time to Remove Your Old Shed?

Old sheds can be an eyesore but more importantly, when the structural integrity of the shed is compromised, they can cause injury and should be removed. We do a lot of shed removals in Portland.

What is included in the shed removal service?

  • Shed tear down
  • Removal of all shed debris
  • We do a quick rake of the area and pick up the debris that was under the shed
  • No other charges or fees are added

What is the cost of shed removal service in Portland?

Here are all the factors involving shed removal cost:

  • The size of the shed.
  • The height of the shed.
  • Difficulty getting the debris to our truck.  If we can pull our truck right up to the shed then it’s less expensive.
  • Some sheds have inside panels and outside panels on their walls. Usually insulation is found in between the panels and it is much more difficult to remove.
  • The general build of the shed. Some sheds like the “Tuff Shed” brand really live up to their name and take a lot to remove.
  • Sheds with more shelves.

Shed Removal Near Me and Demolition Costs

How Much Does Shed Demolition and Removal Cost in Portland?

Have an old shed in your yard that needs to be removed? Shed removal is a lot of work and is significantly more difficult if you don’t have the right tools and know how. This page has information on what we charge for shed removal and info on the average cost of shed removal.

What is The Cost Per Square Foot to Remove and Demolish My Shed?

Wood Shed Removal Cost Near Me

  • Minimum charge of $450
  • Sheds 100 square feet or bigger, usually range from $7.00 to $9.50 per square foot but can get as high as $13.00 per square foot.
  • Sheds between 50 and 100 square feet usually range from $9 to $11 per foot but can get as high as $14 per square foot.

Metal Shed Removal Cost

  • Minimum charge of $300
  • Metal sheds 100 square feet or bigger usual range from $6.00 to $9.00 per Square foot
  • Metal sheds between 50 and 100 square feet usually range from $8.00 to $11.00 per square foot.

Greenhouse Removal Cost

  • Minimum Charge $350
  • Greenhouse 100 square feet or bigger usually range from $ 6 to $9.00
  • Greenhouse between 50 and 100 square feet usually range from $7 to $11.00 per square foot.

What Factors Determine The Price Difference?

Wood Shed Removal Cost Factors

small ugly shed in beaverton

The factors involved in shed removal price are the size of the shed, difficulty of shed demolition and height of shed.  By the end of this guide you should have a good idea of what we would charge.

Factors that make wood shed demolition more difficult

    • Sheds that are handmade are often over built and are usually significantly more difficult to demolish. You can tell if a shed is mass produced or handmade by the way it is build.  A over built shed will have a lot more material than necessary.  If you look at the structure of the frame and the shelves if it look like it has more material than necessary to support the function of the shelf or wall etc.   There are a few shed manufactures that produce a shed that is difficult to tear down.  For example, TUFF Sheds really do live up to their name.  TUFF Sheds are really well built quality sheds that take some doing to dismantle.
    • Another factor is the walls. Do the walls have an inside panel and outside panel?  Walls with two panels take double the time to tear down.  Also, there is usually insulation in between the panels.
    • The next factor is the age of the shed.  It’s true that older sheds are easier to take apart then newer sheds.
    • The next factor is the roof. The roof is the most difficult part of the demolition.  If the roof has several layers or has a lot of coverage for the square footage then it’s more expensive per square foot.
    • Next is the height of the shed. When I did my first tall shed I was surprised at how much longer it took to do demolish it.
    • Finally, if the pathway from where the shed is demolished to my truck. This is not normally a factor but can be if it’s very difficult.

Notice how this only has one outside panel. This is much easier to dissemble than when there is a panel on both sides of the studs.  This style is less expensive to demo.

Metal Shed Removal Cost Factors

Small metal shed in aloha

Metal sheds are usually pretty straight forward.  The only time metal sheds are sometimes more is:

    • When the bolts will not come out due to rust and or stripping.  Most of the time all but a few of the bolt come right out and it isn’t an issue.  However sometimes there is a significant amount of bolts that you have to cut off and it can become more expensive.  I always warn the customer that it could cost more and then give them an idea of potential extra costs.
    • The other time a metal shed removal can cost more is if there is an obstruction to removing the bolts.  Sometimes when a shed is put together by a tree or shrub and over the years the tree or shrub grows and gets in the way of removal.

Greenhouse Removal Costs Factors

Greenhouse removal 14

Greenhouses are generally pretty straight forward, I haven’t had a lot of issues with them.  The only problems I usually have is foliage or trees in the way.  Also if the greenhouse has a lot of glass then it is more expensive.

Playhouse Removal Costs Factors

small playhouse

For bigger playhouses, use the shed removal costs as a guide.  For the small playhouses there isn’t a minimum charge like there is for sheds.  Small playhouses are usually very easy to tear down and are not very expensive to remove.

What is The Average Cost To Remove a Wood Shed?

Unfortunately I don’t have enough data points to come up with a very accurate average but here is an idea of what most companies charge.  According to Hometown Demolition the average shed removal based on 23 projects is $1,560.  We used  7 examples from Hometown demolition shed removal and came up with an average of $10.32 Per Square foot.  From hometown demolition I only used examples from (please note these prices were taken from 2020, please adjust for inflation)

    • Sheds less than 2000 square feet.
    • Sheds that didn’t have a concrete foundation removal.

Also, I noticed the more expensive cities were often significantly more expensive.  Check out Hometown demolition shed removal for yourself.

How Does Your Shed Removal and Demolition Prices Compare to other Companies?

As you can see our prices are significantly less than the average shed removal.  Keep in mind shed removal is a very labor intensive job.  I went on a search to see if I could find what other companies are charging and I found only one company was willing to share there price per square foot.

  • As of 1/2020, Reeds Ferry Shed Removal charges $12 per square foot.

How Much is Shed Removal Near Me?

I don’t have any facts on this but whenever I ask my customers what the other companies quoted they usually say I was the most affordable or close to it.  It’s not uncommon for other companies to quote a lot more for shed removal.  Also, a lot of customers stated they had troubles finding anyone who does shed removal.

How is Shed Removal Cost Calculated?

I used to “wing it” on price but now I use this webpage as a guide so I can be predictable and consistent with my pricing.  I plan on adding a lot more examples in the future so you can give yourself a rough estimate.

Common Shed Removal Questions

Does Ernie’s Wagon do Greenhouse Removal?

Yes and the good news is greenhouse removal is almost always cheaper than shed removal.

Do You Demo and Haul Concrete Floors?

Unfortunately we are not currently equipped to handle the breaking up of the concrete.  If you decide you want to break up the concrete we can haul it off.  Its actually pretty rare for as shed to have a concrete floor.

Does Ernies Wagon do Playhouse Removal?

Yes we do playhouse removal and they are usually easier than sheds.

What if there is Rats and / or Mice living in the shed.

Both rodents and rodent feces need to be gone before demolition.

Can Shed Removal be Performed any time of Year?

Yes we can remove sheds year round however, its not uncommon for shed removal to be less expensive during the winter months because its much slower during the winter.

What if I Have Electrical Going to My Shed

If the shed has two panels for walls, and there is any signs of electrical in the shed, a electrician must come out and disconnect the wiring.  If the walls are single panel, then you don’t have to have an electrician remove the wires but the wires must be removed before I can start.

What about Shed Debris Removal?

If you decide you want to save some money and demolish the shed yourself then we can haul the shed debris off without the demo.  If you demo the shed yourself it usually saves you about 30%.  It is a small amount of saving because I prefer to take apart the shed myself.

What about Asbestos and Shed Removal.

Sheds older than 2004 often have material that have potential for asbestos.  The only material I have seen on a shed with asbestos potential is the felt under the shingles.  Only about half the sheds have felt.  The good news is it doesn’t matter if you have asbestos or not.  We separate the felt and dispose of it properly.

What Does Ernie’s Wagon do with the Debris

We take all of our junk to Metro Transfer Station.   Metro is a very environmentally friendly garbage disposal company.

Why Choose Ernie’s Wagon for Shed Removal?

  • We have a very large trailer that allows us to take all the debris in one trip.  Which allows us to charge less
  • We use nothing but top notch tools and equipment that allows us to do the job quickly, (usually only takes one day)
  • We have the know how and experience.  We do a lot of sheds (about 2 a month during busy season)
  • Ernie’s Wagon is fully insured, so if I get hurt you’re covered.
  • We clean up as we go.  We never let debris pile up.

Where Do You Recommend Buying a New Storage Shed?

We recommend you explore West Coast Spas for where to buy pre-built storage sheds in Portland. They’re another local Oregon company with stores in these cities. Check them out HERE:
Sheds for sale in Milwaukie, Oregon
Sheds for sale in Beaverton, Oregon
Sheds for sale in Salem, Oregon

shed removal example

I did this small job in the Beaverton area it was a very small playhouse, and I was able to get in and out in about 30 minutes.


shed removal example

The size of this shed was 7′ x 5′. This was a straight forward garden shed and there wasn’t anything tricky.


shed removal example 3

The size of this shed was 8′ x 12′.  This shed did have an inner and outer wall panels but it didn’t have any insulation.


shed removal example

The Size of this shed was 8′ x 7′. It had a typical construction. Loading into my trailer was not that easy.


shed removal example

The size of this shed was 7′ x 6′. It is a metal shed. It was an easy one. This Shed was located in Aloha.


shed removal example 3

The size was 5′ x 8′. Typical shed removal project, nothing tricky. This shed was located in Portland.


shed removal example
shed removal example

The size of this greenhouse was 11 x 8. Typical greenhouse that had several shelves that had to be taken out.


shed removal example 3

This shed was 10′ x 10′.  The Roof was a little tricky but everything else on this shed was straightforward.


big shed

This shed was 10′ x 12′ and it was a very standard shed with no inner panel.  Loading into my trailer was very easy with no significant obstacles.  the price was reduced because I didn’t have to deal with a wood floor and the job was performed during the winter months with made the job less expensive. Total $750.


Before and After Shed Removal and Shed Demolition Projects

When we perform a shed removal service, we tear down and put away each piece as we go. This is nice because there is never a big mess at any given time. Move the slider below to see BEFORE and AFTER images of some recent projects. Dangerous eyesores before, then all done and very clean!

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