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Old sheds can be an eyesore but more importantly, when the structural integrity of the shed is compromised, they can cause injury and should be removed. We do a lot of shed removals in Idaho.

Have an old shed in your yard that needs to be removed? Shed removal is a lot of work and is significantly more difficult if you don’t have the right tools and know-how.


What Is Included In The Shed Removal Service?

While We Assist With Shed Removal of Any Kind in Hillsboro, OR, You Can Always Expect:

Careful & Organized Decluttering Assistance​

Large Item Hauling Capabilities
Flexible Service Around Your Schedule
Personable & Courteous Team Members

Ernie’s Wagon Offers Three Options for Junk Removal:

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Appointment Pick Up

Option 1:
Curbside Pick Up

You choose the day, we choose the time.
Save $20
Only available for smaller pick ups.

Option 2:
Easy Load

The most affordable appointment option.
Place all your junk in the driveway, garage or curbside and enjoy the savings.

Option 3:
Full Service

Let us carry all your junk to our truck.

What is the Cost of the Shed Removal Service in Oregon?

Here are all the factors involving shed removal costs:

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What Factors Determine The Price Difference?

Wood Shed Removal Cost Factors

The factors involved in shed removal price are the size of the shed, difficulty of shed demolition, and height of the shed. Several factors make a wood shed demolition more difficult.

Handmade sheds are often overbuilt and are usually significantly more difficult to demolish. You can tell if a shed is mass-produced or handmade by the way it is built.  An overbuilt shed will have a lot more material than necessary. If you look at the structure of the frame and the shelves if it looks like it has more material than necessary to support the function of the shelf or wall etc. There are a few shed manufacturers that produce a shed that is difficult to tear down. For example, TUFF Sheds does live up to its name.  TUFF Sheds are well-built quality sheds that take some doing to dismantle.

Another factor is the walls. Do the walls have an inside panel and an outside panel? Walls with two panels take double the time to tear down. There is usually insulation in between the panels.

The next factor is the age of the shed.  Older sheds are indeed easier to take apart than newer sheds.

We also factor in the roof. The roof is the most difficult part of the demolition. If the roof has several layers or has a lot of coverage for the square footage then it’s more expensive per square foot.

Next is the height of the shed. When I did my first tall shed I was surprised at how much longer it took to demolish it.

Finally, the pathway from where the shed is demolished to my truck. This is not normally a factor, but it can be if it’s difficult to get to the shed.

Metal Shed Removal Cost Factors

Metal sheds are usually pretty straightforward. The only time metal sheds can cost more is if the bolts are stripped or rusted. Most of the time all but a few of the bolts come right out and it isn’t an issue. However, sometimes there is a significant amount of bolts that you have to cut off and it can become more expensive. I always warn the customer that it could cost more and then give them an idea of potential extra costs.

The other time a metal shed removal can cost more is if there is an obstruction to removing the bolts. Sometimes when a shed is put together by a tree or shrub and over the years the tree or shrub grows and gets in the way of the shed removal.

Greenhouse Removal Costs Factors

Greenhouses are generally pretty straightforward, I haven’t had a lot of issues with them.  The only problem I usually have is foliage or trees in the way. If the greenhouse has a lot of glass then it is more expensive.

Playhouse Removal Costs Factors

For bigger playhouses, use the shed removal costs as a guide. For the small playhouses, there isn’t a minimum charge like there is for sheds. Small playhouses are usually very easy to tear down and are not very expensive to remove.

What is The Average Cost To Remove a Wood Shed?

We used 7 examples from Hometown demolition shed removal and came up with an average of $10.32 Per Square foot. From hometown demolition, I only used examples from (please note these prices were taken from 2020, please adjust for inflation).

How Much is Shed Removal in Hillsboro, OR?

I don’t have any facts on this but whenever I ask my customers what the other companies quoted they usually say I was the most affordable or close to it.  It’s not uncommon for other companies to quote a lot more for shed removal.  A lot of customers stated they had trouble finding anyone who does shed removal. If you need your shed removed in Hillsboro, OR, Ernie’s Wagon is here to help.

Common Shed Removal Questions

Unfortunately, we are not currently equipped to handle the breaking up of the concrete.  If you decide you want to break up the concrete we can haul it off. It’s pretty rare for a shed to have a concrete floor.

Yes, we do playhouse removal and they are usually easier than sheds.

Both rodents and rodent feces need to be gone before demolition.

Yes, we can remove sheds year round however, it’s not uncommon for shed removal to be less expensive during the winter months because it’s much slower during the winter.

If the shed has two panels for walls, and there are any signs of electrical in the shed, an electrician must come out and disconnect the wiring. If the walls are single panels, then you don’t have to have an electrician remove the wires but the wires must be removed before I can start.

If you decide you want to save some money and demolish the shed yourself then we can haul the shed debris off without the demo.  If you demo the shed yourself it usually saves you about 30%.  It is a small amount of saving because I prefer to take apart the shed myself.

Sheds older than 2004 often have material that has the potential for asbestos. The only material I have seen on a shed with asbestos potential is the felt under the shingles. Only about half the sheds have felt. The good news is it doesn’t matter if you have asbestos or not. We separate the felt and dispose of it properly.

Why Choose Ernie’s Wagon for Shed Removal?

Do you need professional shed removal in Hillsboro? Contact our team today for a quote. If you are looking for general junk removal or deck removal in Hillsboro, Ernie’s Wagon can handle it all.

Option 1: No Appointment
Curbside Pick up

How Does Curbside Pick up work?

Curbside pickup is very simple.  All you have to do is put the item/s anywhere outside where it is accessible and we will pick it up on the day of your choosing.  Please have the item/s outside by 9 am.  Curbside pick up does not come with an appointment.

When do I Pay for it?

On the day of pick up, I will text you a picture of your item/s in my trailer and ask for payment.  Please make sure to make your payment by midnight that day.

How do I Pay for it?

We take Venmo

You can also pay with hidden cash.  With the hidden cash, simply find a good place to hide the cash (like under the door mat, under a flower pot etc) and inform us of its location.

How do I place a Pick up?

To start Curbside pick up all you have to do is text the following to phone number (503) 702-4430:

  • The Area you live in
  • What you want to get rid of (pictures are recommended)
  • The desired day of pick up

All arrangements and communication will be performed using this phone number.

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