Get Rid of That Old Couch!

It’s Been Good to You, But Now It’s Time To Go! 🙂

Affordable Couch Removal Services in Hillsboro, OR

Has your favorite couch outlived its last lounge, or is it finally time to update your interior decor with an improved furniture design? From sagging couch cushions to dated floral designs, our couch removal services don’t discriminate when it comes to the most reliable couch removal in the area. We’re happy to grab every dirty, dusty, and flattened cushion, couch, lounge chair, and any other piece of furniture that’s worn out its welcome. 

At Ernie’s Wagon in Hillsboro, OR, our family team works hard to maintain a customer-first business model that involves fair pricing, honest service, and treating our clients like neighbors.

While freeing up essential space at home with our convenient couch disposal services, you can expect:
  • The Most Affordable Sofa Disposal in Town
  • Fast, Friendly & Professional Service
  • Convenient & Flexible Scheduling in Many Locations
  • Adaptable Hauling Services for Diverse Pickup Needs
  • Locally Owned & Supervised by Ernie the Trusty Golden Retriever…

Couch Removal & More Whenever You Need Us

Our accommodating services simplify the difficulty that comes with back-breaking effort, transportation difficulties, and hurdles involved with couch disposal. 

With responsive in-home, curbside, and heavy-duty furniture removal in Hillsboro, OR, you can rely on our experienced team for removal projects of any size. With our trailer, we can handle most jobs in one quick-and-easy load and are more than happy to assist with awkward, heavy, and tough-to-move items if you ever need help getting the furniture out of the house.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Couch: 

  • If the seat cushions are flat 
  • If the odor is present even after cleaning 
  • If the couch is damaged or badly stained
  • Or if your preferences/tastes have changed

Couch Removal in Hillsboro, OR

Couches are very difficult to get rid of because they are heavy and awkward.  You really need either a truck or a trailer to get rid of them.

The good news is our Junk Removal prices are so low that it’s not worth doing it yourself.  For our ultra low prices, all you have to do is get the item/s outside then text us your info, (see Curbside pick up for details).

What Happens to the Old Couch?

All of our couches go to Metro Transfer Station.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much to recycle on a couch.  Please have the item/s outside by 9 am. Curbside pick up does not come with an appointment.

How Much Does Couch Removal Cost?

Couch removal in hillsboro or

Appointment Pick Up Prices

Standard couch up to 3 cushions

$100 to $150

2 Piece Sectional

$150 to $250

3 Piece Sectional

$170 to $300

Sofa disposal in hillsboro or

Curbside Pick Up Prices

Standard Couch up to 3 Cushions


2 Piece Sectional

$110 to $150

3 Piece Sectional

$120 to $200

Ernie’s Wagon Offers Two Options for Couch Removal:

Option 1:
Appointment Pick up

  • Appointment pickup is just what you think it would be.  We schedule a day and time that works best for your schedule and we perform the service.  This is just like any other junk removal service.  The items do not have to be outside.

Option 2:
Curbside Pick up (Or Anywhere Outside)

How Does Curbside Pick up work?

Curbside pickup is very simple.  All you have to do is put the item/s anywhere outside where it is accessible and we will pick it up on the day of your choosing.  Please have the item/s outside by 9 am.  Curbside pick up does not come with an appointment.

When do I Pay for it?

On the Day of pick up, I will text you a picture of your item/s in my trailer and ask for payment.  Please make sure to make your payment by midnight that day.

How do I Pay for it?

We take Venmo.

You can also pay with hidden cash.  With the hidden cash, simply find a good place to hide the cash (like under the door mat, under a flower pot etc) and inform us of its location.

How do I place a Pick up?

To start Curbside pick up all you have to do is text the following to phone number (503) 702-4430:

  • The Area you live in
  • What you want to get rid of (pictures are recommended)
  • The desired day of pick up

All arrangements and communication will be performed using this phone number.

box spring and mattress on curb



love seat on curbside for pick up



picture of a pile of junk on driveway



Give Our Family Team a Call Today! 

After experiencing our friendly, affordable, and efficient service, we hope to earn your trust for every junk removal project now and in the future. We’ll do whatever we can to work around your schedule, and are more than happy to adjust our services to suit your needs.

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We're the friendliest local junk removal service in Portland, Oregon. We offer the most affordable prices in the PDX Metro. We specialize in junk removal hauling, construction debris removal, sofa & couch removal, furniture removal, mattress removal and shed removal. We’re affordable (you can call us a cheap junk removal service but we don’t offer junk removal for free!). And we’re a bonafide local junk removal company - we’re not a national chain - based locally here in Hillsboro, so in addition to being the best local junk removal service in Portland, we serve Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro, Forest Grove and Lake Oswego! Let us haul your junk to the dump for you!