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Most of the time, even when you have a truck, yard debris is not worth hauling yourself.  Yard debris like Tree branches usually take up so much space in a truck that many trips are required.  Luckily Ernie’s Wagon is very well equipped to handle the most difficult yard debris and we can haul it off for a very affordable price.  We pride ourselves on being the most affordable yard debris removal guys around.

Brush and Shrub Clippings Removal

This form of yard debris removal is about the same as tree branches. Please note that we do not do any kind of pruning or brush clipping.  However, we will be more than happy to haul off what you cut up.

Cost for brush and shrub clippings removal in Portland

To find out what we charge check out our Tree Debris Removal page and look at the tree branch hauling section.  The only time it might be more is when the brush has thistles or thorns.

Concrete Hauling

Concrete hauling is one of the most difficult yard debris to remove.  Our concrete hauling is so affordable that is just isn’t worth your time and energy to do it yourself.

Concrete Hauling Costs in Portland

There are many Factors that affect the cost of concrete removal. Concrete hauling can cost as little as $70 per cubic yard or $1.20 per Square foot.

Dirt Removal

Nothing says fun like shoveling dirt!  Of the yard debris removal category, dirt removal is the most challenging.  Believe me a good dump trailer is a necessity for dirt removal.  As of right now we are limiting our dirt removal to small jobs only

Cost to Remove Dirt in Portland

Dirt piles over 3 cubic yards usually cost between $150 to $350 per cubic yard (one cubic yard is about the size of a clothes washing machine).  The following factors affect the price.

  • The amount of dirt.  A large pile will cost you less per cubic yard than a small pile.
  • The level of difficulty shoveling the dirt.
  • The level of difficulty of getting the debris to the truck.  If I can pull right up to the pile it will be cheaper than if I have to take the debris from the back yard.

Sod Hauling

Sod hauling is no piece of cake.  You really should have some heavy equipment to perform this task with any kind of efficiency. Please note we do not cut the sod from the ground we only remove the already cut debris.

Cost to Haul Sod in Portland

Sod removal priced by the square foot or by the pile

  • Sod stacked in a pile ranges from $150 to $350 per cubic yard (note, one cubic yard is about the amount of volume as a cloths washing machine)

Factors that affect the price:

  • The amount of sod, the more sod there is to remove, the cheaper it is per unit.
  • The level of difficulty of getting the debris to the truck.  If I can pull right up to the pile it will be cheaper than if I have to take the debris from the back yard.
  • If the sod was cut by hand it will be more expensive than if it was cut by a sod cutter.

Minimum charge is $400

Tree Debris Removal

Tree Stump Hauling

  • We can haul most tree stumps up to 18″ in diameter, (measure at the base of the stem).

Tree Round Removal

  • We can handle pretty big tree rounds.  If the rounds are very big and heavy text me a picture of the rounds and the diameter and I will let you know if I can handle it.

Tree Branch Removal

  • Please note we do not do any kind of tree trimming or pruning.  We only remove branches that are cut down.

Tree Removal clean up

  • We do tree removal clean up or an arborist clean up.  When you have a tree that needs to be removed this is the most affordable way to do it.  Have an arborist fell the tree, limb the tree and cut the stem into rounds and then we come in and clean it up.  We are a better choice to do this because we are more affordable and we have all the tools including blowers to do a good clean up.

Tree debris removal cost in Portland is as low as $20 per cubic yard.

Common Yard Debris Removal Questions

What do you do with the yard debris?

All clean yard debris is always recycled. I usually take my yard debris to Metro Transfer station in Portland.

Do you take other yard debris other than what is listed above

Yes we do removal of everything in a yard that we can handle without heavy equipment, brick, stones, rock, rail road ties, patio slate, rubble, pebbles, etc.

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For a free quote text the following to phone number (503) 702-4430

  • A Picture/s (Adding an item in the picture to represent scale is often helpful)
  • What area in the Portland, Oregon Metro you live in – NE, SE, Downtown, Hillsboro, etc…
  • Ease of getting the debris into my truck.  All I need is a general sense of the level of difficulty.  (You can just state level of difficulty is Low, Medium or high)

A Couple Yard Debris Removal Cost Examples:

box spring and mattress on curb



picture of a pile of junk on driveway



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