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Old fences can be an eyesore but they can also serve many important functions. Taking down an old fence isn’t that hard but then you have to find a way to get rid of it. The fence removal is the hard part. Even if you have a pickup, you can easily spend a whole day, maybe even two driving back and forth to the dump. When removing a fence you may have to purchase tools you didn’t already have. Then there are the disposal fees.

The good news is Ernie’s Wagon Junk Removal is here to take care of all your fence removal needs. Our prices are so low, it’s not worth doing the job yourself. Contact us and you may be surprised how affordable our fence removal service is.

Time to Remove That Old Fence?

You can enjoy the stress-free experience of professional fence removal. With our efficient fence removal team in Hillsboro, we can help you remove your old fence and restore your property. 

If you are looking for an affordable fencing solution, check out our various removal options. Depending on your exact needs, we can provide an estimate and services that match your budget. Whether you need the fence removed from the ground or if it’s already on the curb, we are ready to help!

While We Assist With Fence Removal in Hillsboro, OR, You Can Always Expect:

Careful & Organized Decluttering Assistance​

Large Item Hauling Capabilities
Flexible Service Around Your Schedule
Personable & Courteous Team Members

Ernie’s Wagon Offers Three Options for Junk Removal:

No Appointment

Appointment Pick Up

Option 1:
Curbside Pick Up

You choose the day, we choose the time.
Save $20
Only available for smaller pick ups.

Option 2:
Easy Load

The most affordable appointment option.
Place all your junk in the driveway, garage or curbside and enjoy the savings.

Option 3:
Full Service

Let us carry all your junk to our truck.

Factors Involved in Price Difference for Fence Boards and Rails Disposal

There are two factors for the price difference, the weight per linear foot and the amount of labor to get the material into my truck. Here are some things that I look for when deciding on a rate.

I used to have a set price for fence post plug disposal but then disposed of posts and plugs that were over a hundred pounds each. The price is solely determined by the weight of the concrete plug. Usually, the cost is the lower price stated above.

Fence post removal is much more affordable when I can pull the posts out with my post puller without digging. The only times I can’t use my post puller are:

  • – There are obstacles in the way.
  • – The wood is so rotten that I can’t pull the plug out by the post and will have to dig around it to get it out.
  • – When the concrete plug is so big the puller will not get it out.

Call or Text Us A Picture for A Free Estimate

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Every time you schedule a fast and friendly service at Ernie’s Wagon, your valued business helps us to support the community, and provide the best dogs ever (a.k.a. Ernie & his cousin Charlie) with a well-deserved stash of treats.

For affordable junk hauling services, respectful clean-out services, or heavy-lifting needs of any kind, please let us know what we can do to help!

Ask us about our other services like shed removal in Hillsboro, OR today!

Can I Cut the Fence Posts and Leave the Concrete in the Ground?

As you can see pulling posts out can be pretty expensive, especially if I have to start digging. Most of the time my customers have me cut the posts as close as I can to the concrete plug possible. Most of the time the new fence posts can be offset so you can work around the old plugs in the ground. It is important to contact a fence contractor to verify that it’s ok to leave the old concrete plugs in the ground.

What Do You Do With The Fence Junk?

For Wood Fences:

If the fence doesn’t have any paint or stain on it then I might decide to separate the posts (posts are not recyclable because they are pressure treated) and take them to a wood recycler.

How do I get a Fast Quote For Fence Removal Service?

For a free quote text the following to the phone number (503) 702-4430:

  • – The number of linear feet
  • – What area do you live in
  • – Ease of getting the fence debris into my truck.  All I need is a general sense of the level of difficulty. (You can just state the level of difficulty is Low, Medium, or High)

This is by far the cheapest way to get rid of fence material. Notice the material was put in an area on the driveway where I can back my trailer right up to it.

Option 1: No Appointment
Curbside Pick up

How Does Curbside Pick up work?

Curbside pickup is very simple.  All you have to do is put the item/s anywhere outside where it is accessible and we will pick it up on the day of your choosing.  Please have the item/s outside by 9 am.  Curbside pick up does not come with an appointment.

When do I Pay for it?

On the day of pick up, I will text you a picture of your item/s in my trailer and ask for payment.  Please make sure to make your payment by midnight that day.

How do I Pay for it?

We take Venmo

You can also pay with hidden cash.  With the hidden cash, simply find a good place to hide the cash (like under the door mat, under a flower pot etc) and inform us of its location.

How do I place a Pick up?

To start Curbside pick up all you have to do is text the following to phone number (503) 702-4430:

  • The Area you live in
  • What you want to get rid of (pictures are recommended)
  • The desired day of pick up

All arrangements and communication will be performed using this phone number.

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